NMK’s archives section was formally established in 1980 to preserve the memory of facts and events of NMK and to be the backbone of the institution’s history. Materials in the collection date as far back as 1900 with gaps in records between 1909-1927. NMK’s archival collection holds over 3.5 million archival materials, 800 paintings, 4000 photos, 100 microfilms and 100 tapes

Special collections include:

  • More information on Belcher’s Birds
  • Joy Adamson’s paintings of plants and the people of Kenya
  • Historical photographs of famous Kenyan personalities and events such as Dedan Kimathi and the Mau Mau struggle, photos of the first Kenyan independent government and subsequent system, information on introduction of education in Kenya, natural science information, the ancient old settlements along coastal towns, the history and architectural heritage rarely seen in any other place, photos showing the Swahili culture, the towns, narrow streets, restricted siwas, old century mosques and much more

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Endangered Archives Programme

User services

  • Microfilming
  • Archiving, conservation and reproduction of archival photographic collection
  • Provision of specific reference and archival photographic collection
  • Provision of specific reference and archival research
  • Restoration of damaged records
  • De-acidification of documents

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