Nairobi Snake Park and Aquarium


The Nairobi Snake park at Nairobi National Museum was started in January 1961 as a popular attraction site for visitors and as a research centre on reptiles and breeding of snakes. The Snake Park also serves as a home for rescued and threatened reptiles.
The park attracted a number of researchers who donated a diversity of specimens both locally and internally. Among the donations was the American alligator in 1967, which is currently the centre for attraction.
Among the animals exhibited are, venomous and non-venomous snakes, crocodiles, tortoises, turtles, lizards among many. The exhibitions are used to create awareness on the threatened and endangered species, recreation purpose, and home for rescued, feared, injured and unwanted reptiles from the society and also serves as a research and training hub on reptiles.
The park also has an aquarium section, that exhibits both marine and fresh water fish. The beautiful fresh water fish exhibited are from lakes, dams, and rivers within Kenya. We also have a variety of collection from outside Kenya like the beautiful Malawi and Tanganyika fish.
The marine section displays assorted fish, live corals and other invertebrates from the Indian Ocean.