Kenyatta House Maralal

Built in 1959, Kenyatta House stands as a National Monument as the place where negotiation for the country’s independence took place. Located in Maralal town, 348kms from Nairobi, the house is iconic in Kenya’s history because it was a detention site for Kenya’s first President Mzee Jomo Kenyatta in 1961, prior to his release and it was while here that he completed his book “Facing Mount Kenya.”
Everything in the three bedroom house is as it was and though it has been repainted, the walls retain their original colours. In the sitting room, there is a framed black and white photograph taken in Maralal showing Kenyatta in a group, among them his friends.
The house has a lounge with long backed wooden chairs with canvas pillows, a dining area, and kitchen with an oven that also heats the bathroom water. The bathroom has a bathtub.
Kenyatta House Maralal was gazetted on 14/01/1977, gazette notice number 118.
Curator: Kennedy Kimuna