Located on a step, overlooking the Kilifi creek, Mnarani is one of the Coastal East Africa most fascinating historical and archaeological site. The history of the foundations of Mnarani is unknown but speculations have it that the Swahili founded it in the early 14th Century.

Mnarani is a Swahili word derived from the word ‘Mnara’ meaning a minaret or pillar. Visit to catch a view and experience the story of the unique octagonal pillar whose name has grown to engulf the whole of the immediate town ‘Mnarani’.

Archaeological findings indicate that the site had some settlement till the late 17th Century. When it was completely abandoned and left to the passage of time.

However, visitors will quickly learn that Mnarani ruins history extends beyond the history of the Swahili settlement. A trip to Mnarani also provides a chance to learn about the major contributions made by Islam on the development of secular education.

Visitors will also learn about the rich cultural heritage of the local inhabitants at Mnarani including the rituals performed at the great baobab tree within the site. Once you learn about the drying of the well within the site, it will be easy to imagine why the Swahili had to abandon the settlement.

Mnarani ruins also affords a unique opportunity to experience a unique interrelationship of the existence of an indigenous forest patch within the site; this always amazes our visitors. The nature trails open up the indigenous forest cover which has been in existence since Mnarani was abandoned about 500 years ago. In these trails apart from the coolness, ambiance and natural sounds of insects and birds, a number of trees have been identified to have high medicinal and sacred values.

Snake Park
After a rich experience at the ruins up the cliff, visit the reptile rescue park to experience and learn more about beautiful reptiles in captivity. Here you will afford a unique opportunity to remove the phobia on snakes.

The site is located 200 m off the Kilifi Bridge along the Mombasa – Malindi road right opposite Mnarani Club. If driving from Mombasa or Malindi direction locate Mnarani junction which is 100 m from or 100 m after the Kilifi Bridge respectively. Once here, use the old ferry road to reach the site at the abandoned ferry’s southern berth.

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